What others say about Lucca Tours

What do others say about Wanda Martinelli and Lucca Tours' walking tours? Take a look at these reviews and testimonials:

"Wanda was a first-rate guide when we visited gardens around Lucca.  She was extremely knowledgable about the history of both the houses and gardens, and presented the information in such a way that it was both fascinating and easy to understand.  We will definitely contact her again when we return to Tuscany."
M. Woods
Chairman, Fairbridge Garden Society

“Wanda is the best guide you can have for a tour in Lucca. She was born for this job. Not only her “Cockney” perfect English accent is astonishing for an Italian lady, but also her knowledge of the historical and cultural facts, places and habits of this beautiful medieval town in Tuscany. With great enthusiasm she shares all her knowledge with her group and she does that in a friendly, humorous way. This was one of the best tours I ever experienced.”
Paul Janssen
The Netherlands 

Wanda was our tour guide in Luca, which became one of our favorite tours on our 12-day cruise. Her professional, yet personal style engaged the four of us as she enthusiastically shared her amazing historical and current knowledge of Lucca. We would highly recommend Wanda Martinelli as a tour guide.
C & J Penner,

"Wanda is, I believe, one of the finest professional guides in all of Italy and certainly always my top choice for Lucca guided tours. We have referred many clients to her over the years and you will be very pleased with her depth of knowledge and passion for Lucca."
Mr. M.G. Smith,
President, Private Italy Tours Ltd

"Our group had a wonderful day in Lucca, made even better thanks to a great tour by Wanda Martinelli. She was very professional through the entire process - from first contact via email, through my many questions before our trip, to the day we met her in Lucca. Wanda's tour was colorful and enthusiastic."
Magdi B.

"We visited Lucca for the first time in Spring 2008, knowing little. On the second day, we were guided around the centre of the city by Wanda, who transformed our appreciation of the city, presenting a coherent description of the city’s history, architecture and economic fortunes that was both comprehensive and easy to follow.

"In the afternoon, Wanda took us out to see some of the magnificent villas in the surrounding hills, again making then come alive for us. A very special day, indeed.

"I should also add that Wanda had intervened with our hotel to get our accommodation sorted out to our complete satisfaction. Wanda was recommended to us and I would have no hesitation in doing the same for anyone visiting Lucca in the future."
Sir Julian Younger

"Wanda was recommended to us as a guide to Lucca, Italy, and the surrounding area. We were very pleased she was. She accompanied our group of keen gardeners from Connecticut in the United States to the Villa Reale di Marlia, the Villa Oliva-Buonvisi and on a walking tour within the City of Lucca.

"Wanda's local knowledge and clarity of explanation were outstanding. You should certainly visit Lucca and its surrounding territories and when you do, Wanda Martinelli is your essential guide."
Sisley Garden Tours

"Wanda Martinelli is a excellent tour guide. On numerous occasions she guided my group through Lucca giving them just enough information to bring the city alive. Her knowledge of the history and culture of Lucca and its environs is admirable. Her warm personality makes her perfectly suited to the role as guide and her English is perfect! I look forward to my next tour of Lucca with Wanda knowing that I will learn something new."
Roberta Bourassa

"Wanda Martinelli is an outstanding tour guide.  She has a detailed and intimate knowledge of all aspects of the history and arts of Lucca and its environs, and is especially expert on Puccini and his life and times.  Wanda also has a remarkable capacity to communicate her expertise and enthusiasms in any of four languages.  Strongly recommended."
Daniel Snowman, author of "The Gilded Stage: A Social History of Opera"

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