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Guided tours in Lucca and in the surrounding area

Hidden behind imposing Renaissance walls, Lucca is one of the most charming cities in Northern Tuscany. Founded by the Romans in 180 BC, Lucca had already acquired an enormous wealth by the late Middle Ages thanks to silk manufacturing and trade with the whole of Europe. An independent city state for centuries, it offers perfectly preserved Romanesque churches and historic buildings, narrow lanes, large and small squares, ideal for a coffee break.

Today Lucca wears its past lightly and is a busy, reserved and elegant town where everybody rides a bicycle everywhere. It is an open-air museum and a little shopping paradise. A great way to get to know Lucca is to book a tour with certified professional tour guide Wanda Martinelli of Lucca Tours. Choose from any of our options.

Tour opportunities

Wanda conducts private tours, booked by either tour operators worldwide or by individuals, i.e., families or parties of friends who want to share a private tour with the people they know, thus receiving Wanda’s undivided attention.

Tours can be customised if you give Wanda some suggestions as to what you would like to see and do, based on your special interests.

Special Notes:

- All tours outside the town wall of Lucca require some means of transportation.

- Some churches now require an entrance ticket typically costing €3 per person.

Tour Options

We provide both half-day and full-day tours. Please see our options.

Meeting points:

- If you arrive by bus or train, Wanda will come and meet you at the bus or railway station.

Find the bus station using Google Maps.

Find the train station using Google Maps.

- If you come by car, a good meeting point is Piazzale Verdi, right in front of the main Tourist Office, where parking spaces are available nearby.

Find Piazzale Verdi using Google Maps.

- If you are staying inside the town wall, Wanda can meet you at your hotel, B&B or apartment.

- Should you be traveling on a cruise ship, Leghorn (approximately 60 kilometers south of Lucca) is the port of call. Public transportation from Leghorn to Lucca is a challenge. We advise you to hire a chauffeur-driven car. Quotations on request.

If you are adventurous, take the train from Leghorn to Pisa, change trains at Pisa and continue to Lucca. Wanda can meet you at the railway station.

Tour starting times

We are here to serve! Just name the time most convenient for you, either morning or afternoon. Be sure to discuss your options with Wanda in advance to avoid closing times of churches, villas, etc. Tours take place rain or shine 7 days a week, so do not hesitate to book on Sundays.

Booking and pricing

Please contact Wanda. Here is a convenient form to help your process.


Half-Day Tours | Full-Day Tours


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